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A French Non-Profit Association, and an official member organization of the (UN SDSN Youth), consists of inventors and aims to support university students in the development process of their creative ideas to become real inventions on the ground and get them registered as patents.

Our Achivements

Bright Inventors Syrian team won the IFIA gold award presented by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations in Geneva - Switzerland, after their participation in Damascus International Fair in September 2018.
The organization's innovation and invention project was ranked among the top 50 projects across the world, in the United Nations Youth Report
(Youth Solutions Report) announced at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in September 2019 in New York
Bright Inventors got in January 2019 a membership in the United Nations for Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN Youth) in New York, which was created by Ban Ki-Moon the Secretary-General of the United Nations and now containing more than 700 youth organizations from all around the world to achieve the sustainable development goals.
In November 2019, the local Strasbourg court recognized the organization to become an official non-profit organization, registered with the French Ministry of Justice in Paris.
Bright Inventors won the second place in the International Fund Youth Support Competition (GYEF) in New York, which was organized by the Junior Chamber International of the United States of America (JCI USA) and the Action Campaign (UN SDG) in Germany.
In August 2020, the president of the organization received the gold medal, after the participation of the organization - as an international partner of France - in the competitive global invention in Canada, organized by the Association of Toronto for advanced creativity and advanced skills TISIAS titled ICAN 2020.
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