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A device to regulate and monitor patients' medications remotely

a device connected to the Internet consisting of several rooms in which the drugs are stored, and it is set through a mobile application that helps the doctor or supervisor to determine the number of the room that contains the required medicine and the timing of taking the dose and displays an alert message stating whether the dose has been taken or not, It ensures the possibility of increasing or decreasing the dosage according to the patient's health condition. The product is very safe and easy to carry and use. The device is intended for every person who takes care of a patient or takes medication periodically (daily or monthly), and failure to comply with deadlines constitutes a critical situation for him.The problem that many patients suffer from is forgetting the times of their drug doses or mistakes by taking them, in addition to the fact that patients with critical health conditions need direct drug supervision by the doctor or those in charge of caring for the patient in terms of increasing or reducing the doses and taking feedback on the extent of adherence to appointments. Dosing. In addition, it helps reduce medication errors resulting from the presence of more than one patient for the same supervisor or more than one supervisor for one patient. Therefore, this device helps in supervising the patient and the extent of his commitment to drug doses directly by the doctor or supervisors of patient care and controlling those doses remotely when necessary.

For the inventor: M. Nisreen Ghanima - Syrian Virtual University - MA in Web Science , This patent won fourth place.

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