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“The olive picking machine can work with one hand” and “The ambulance for the wounded from the and battlefield

The idea of the machine is based on placing the gearbox at the top of the stick, and thus we dispense with the interlocking transmission axle as cost and weight, and the gearbox is connected to thorns that vibrate and interfere between branches.

The spines have an angle and are variable in relation to the stick head where the battery is placed under the stick as a counterweight to the stick head mass and an accelerated pressure is used instead of the cutter to reduce the power consumption.

Summary of the second invention:

The idea of the invention is based on lifting the injured person by means of a conveyor belt carried on a small tracked vehicle, in a process similar to the action of the shovel when pulling the remains of trees from the ground, where the conveyor belt advances and crawls under the injured and raises it on the walk without moving it or changing the position of the wounded person, which prevents the injury of the wounded from getting worse or the occurrence of Damage to the spinal cord due to traction and wrong handling, as the wounded person moves on the conveyor belt and settles on it, then the tracked vehicle moves and the wounded man over the conveyor belt is protected from hostile sniping due to the low height of the vehicle and the presence of an armored shell above the vehicle. For the inventor: Engineer Uday Abbas - Tishreen University - Master of Communication Engineering. 

The two patent projects were ranked second - Department of Mechanical Engineering.

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