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The Revised Dental Film Holder

A new set of film holders carries the concept of dealing with clinical data, so that the doctor can adapt the device in accordance with the clinical parameters of the patient, whether normal or abnormal anatomy, and also allows accurate imaging even in cases of patients with a narrow mouth opening, and the tools can meet the needs of the doctor For an ideal image, in any photographic method, whether it is extreme or occlusal, In addition, according to this new concept, the new group allows film holders to follow the treatment stages of all specialties with accurate and repeated radiographs with the same conditions that start with an ideal diagnostic image and continue in an original way until the last stages of treatment, and the new tools are compatible with the principles of scientific research and follow The
principles of medical literature in radiography, overcoming many of the disadvantages of ancient tools.
For the inventor: Dr. Luay Jadiba - College of Dentistry - Syrian Private University.
This patent ranked third - Department of Dentistry.

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