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Bright Inventors

A French Non-Profit Association, and an official member organization of the (UN SDSN Youth), consists of inventors, and aims to support university students in the development process of their creative ideas to become real inventions on the ground.



A French Non-Profit Association, and an official member organization of the (UN SDSN Youth), consists of inventors, and aims to support university students in the development process of their creative ideas to become real inventions on the ground, and get them registered as patents.
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Our Story

The team started in January 2018. The association was officially created on 26 November 2019 under the auspices of the District Court of Strasbourg (Grand-Est region) in France.
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Our Mission

We are a new team of inventors, professors, and invention experts, who aim to teach students and bright-minded youth how to get their own Patent and academic 
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Our Goals

Publish the culture of creativity and invention.
Help owners of ideas and guide them to obtain patents.
Preparation of the inventor ...
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    Dr. Majed ALAZZAWI

    Founding President

    Dr. Tarek ALNAJAR

    Vice President

    Dr. Yasmin AL AZZAWI

    Secretary General
  • Dr. Dania KALAJI

    Projects Coordinator

    Dr. Mhd-Muaaz MASALMAH

    Logistics Manager

    Eng. Mohammad Anas AJAJ

    Director of Monitoring and Evaluation department

    Eng. Sumayya Mufleh

    IT Manager
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Membership in UN

Bright Inventors got in January 2019 a membership in the United Nations for Sustainable Development Solutions Network (UN SDSN Youth) in New York, which was created by Ban Ki-Moon the Secretary-General of the United Nations and now containing more than 700 youth organizations from all around the world to achieve the sustainable development goals.

Golden Award (IFIA)

Bright Inventors Syrian team won the IFIA gold award presented by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations in Geneva - Switzerland, after their participation in Damascus International Fair in September 2018.
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Projects Highly Ranked 

The organization's innovation and invention project was ranked among the top 50 projects across the world, in the United Nations Youth Report
(Youth Solutions Report) announced at the United Nations General Assembly meeting in September 2019 in New York

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  • “The olive picking machine can work with one hand” and “The ambulance for the wounded from the and battlefield

    The idea of the machine is based on placing the gearbox at the top of the stick, and thus we dispense with the interlocking transmission axle as cost and weight, and the gearbox is connected to thorns that vibrate and interfere between branches. The spines have an angle and are variable in relation to the […]
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    A device to regulate and monitor patients' medications remotely

    a device connected to the Internet consisting of several rooms in which the drugs are stored, and it is set through a mobile application that helps the doctor or supervisor to determine the number of the room that contains the required medicine and the timing of taking the dose and displays an alert message stating whether the […]
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    A Fixed Preparation Guide

    It is a hollow plate at each dental unit that is adjustable at the medial, lateral, vestibule-lingual level, allowing the preparation of teeth in cases of single crowns or multi-stent bridges and securing a single line of compensation while preserving the greatest on the prepared dental tissues .
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  • The Revised Dental Film Holder

    A new set of film holders carries the concept of dealing with clinical data, so that the doctor can adapt the device in accordance with the clinical parameters of the patient, whether normal or abnormal anatomy, and also allows accurate imaging even in cases of patients with a narrow mouth opening, and the tools can […]
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    The Cap of the Dental Fist

    It is a cover made by the 3D printer of plastic materials that isolates the non-working movable part of the dental handpiece and prevents it from colliding with the surrounding tissue during work .
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    Smart Water Tank

    a water tank made of healthy, heat-resistant metal and an automatic water system pump in addition to the solar energy system and a digital control screen linked to the smartphone.The invention aims to purify the treatment and preservation of water in a healthy and safe way. It also saves money by dispensing with water bottles […]
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The second training program

Today, a memorandum of understanding was signed between our team in Syria represented by Prof. Huda Zakaria and Al-Sham Private University represented by its president Dr. Sherif Al-Ashqar, to resume the second training program that was launched in March 2020 and stopped due to the Corona pandemic. (Bright Inventors 2 at ASPU) The signing of […]

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New Partnership with Turkish Inventors Association

We're delighted to announce that the Turkish Inventors Association has just signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bright Inventors Association to promote the culture of innovation and spot the light on the brightest minds in France and Turkey.

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Interview with inventors in the second training program

The atmosphere of the interview with the inventors in the second training program for innovation and invention within the campus of Al-Sham Private University in Damascus.

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